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of your service and
maintenance processes

Future proofing your service and maintenance organisation

PeachGroup improves the service and maintenance processes of organisations by maximising the potential of innovation cycles. Utilising an agile approach, we bring people and process together with machine and software.

At PeachGroup we take care of all your needs from start to finish. We analyse and optimise business processes, implement SAP software and develop our own IoT solutions, all with the aim of making organisations future proof.

Our vision

PeachGroup specialises in


Here at PeachGroup, we don’t believe in working from a template. We aim to identify the solution that best suits your unique organisation. Our many years of experience in service and maintenance processes mean we are perfectly placed to do this.
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Service- en onderhoudsorganisatie

PeachGroup has an in-depth understanding of service and maintenance processes, IT solutions and the critical ‘people’ factor. As a result, we have the know-how to recommend and implement the right software for your organisation.

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IoT solutions bring a high degree of added value to the process.
They enable predictive maintenance, allow for faster response times, reduce the number of manual interventions and cut costs. PeachConnect is an example of just such an IoT solution. We use it to constantly take readings from your equipment and, in this way, stay one step ahead of potential faults and so reduce downtime for you.

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The latest news

Kunstmatige intelligentie
Webinar: AI as a tool for field service planning
Tuesday 21th of January Peachgroup will again participate in the Workgroup Customer Service of the DSAG. We will travel to Walldorf to participate in person.…

Systems that can take their own readings and report issues save a great deal of time and money. PeachConnect immediately alerts you when one of your machines is showing an unusual reading, frequently even before you’ve noticed it yourself. We use PeachConnect to continuously take readings from your equipment and machines and, on the basis of the data captured, we can effectively resolve or even avoid faults altogether.

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