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Intake & dispatch management

Better service at a lower cost

Planning for fault reports and regular maintenance is a continual balancing act between the need to provide a good service to the customer on the one hand and the availability of capacity and parts on the other.
To be able to make the right decisions, clarity about the object being maintained and the location is required. Where fault messages are handled by a call centre, it is essential that a complete script is followed. The product data for the object must be instantly available so you know which parts are affected. Equally important is being able to see information on the availability of parts and engineers who are qualified for the job. Finally, you need to be able to effectively assess the priority. If these aspects have not been properly catered for, that is when things can and frequently do go wrong: an unqualified engineer is sent out with the wrong materials, regular maintenance is not scheduled or fault messages are not given the right priority. This represents a waste of money and capacity and will give the customer reasonable grounds for complaint.

The PeachGroup approach gives you visibility and oversight so you can plan properly. This results in greater efficiency, vastly fewer mistakes and better service performance.

Our approach to intake & dispatch management

Process optimisation

Central to PeachGroup is the correct and rapid logging of requirements. The inputs for this are varied. A small selection of the processes we have experience with:

  • Creating orders based on maintenance plans
    Orders are automatically created based on the maintenance plans. PeachGroup can help you to set up and optimise these plans.
  • Logging based on telephone intake
    Working with the customer, the fault is logged and assigned as quickly as possible. This could include assignment of the correct object, the correct parts and a qualified and available engineer.
  • Automatic creation via PeachConnect
    Machines are increasingly fitted with sensors and are able to send data. PeachConnect gives you the ability to manage your maintenance process within SAP via a standard interface. Depending on the measured data, we determine whether corrective or preventive maintenance is required and assign the appropriate priority.
  • Logging via a mobile application
    When a fault or maintenance requirement is logged, the engineer can create a notification and/or order while still on site. The engineer can also schedule the order directly.

Software for intake & dispatch management

PeachGroup uses SAP PM and SAP CS for intake management. In addition to SAP MRS, PeachGroup also has experience with a number of add-on systems for dispatch management, such as Mobile X, Click Schedule, Tensing and TomTom WEBFLEET. These systems allow planning processes to be optimised and automated so that the right staff member is always with the right materials at the right location at the right time. See here the software modules we have expertise in.