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About us

PeachGroup and our approach

Experienced team at your service

PeachGroup is made up of specialists in service and maintenance processes with at least ten years’ experience in their field. However, at PeachGroup it’s not just about having the right skills and experience, but also about getting the right personal match. Over time, a team of specialists has formed in which the strengths of each individual complement that of the others. Because of that, you benefit from expertise across the board and a team of specialists for whom working together is second nature.

We work with you to find the right solution

In order to optimise the process, we immerse ourselves in your organisation. We look at what it is you really need from the ground up and walk through all the steps together. By consulting closely with you, PeachGroup is able to find the solution that fits your organisation best. We don’t waste your time by communicating in confusing jargon. We explain things so that it is clear and understandable to all.

Specialist in service and maintenance processes

We make organisations future proof by maximising the potential offered by innovations. Utilising an agile approach, we focus on service and maintenance processes, and in this way bring people and process together with machine and software. At PeachGroup we take care of all your needs from start to finish: we analyse and optimise business processes, implement software and develop our own IoT solutions. The business process is the critical factor in all of this. The purpose of IT is to support and optimise the business process, and it is this vision that drives us.

Agile approach to maximise outcomes

An agile approach lets you drill down and really understand the process. PeachGroup walks through each process one step at a time, and continuously monitors the processes. How has it been done up to now? What can be improved? These small steps provide opportunities to fine-tune where needed. This ensures quick returns and means new understandings can be integrated straightaway.

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service- en onderhoudsprocessen

Optimising your business processes

The solution that fits your organisation best

When seeking to optimise business processes, large consultancies often work from a template. That is not PeachGroup’s way. We aim to identify the solution that suits your organisation best, rather than applying a ‘standard solution’. Our many years of experience in service and maintenance processes mean we are perfectly placed to advise you effectively.

Analysis at different levels

PeachGroup initially focuses on your existing business processes, looking at the business as a whole as well as in detail. We consider how all the processes impact one another, since changing one process may have a knock-on effect elsewhere in the business. This approach means nothing gets past us. Our specific know-how and experience in service and maintenance processes mean we are able to delineate the right approach for your organisation.

The critical ‘people’ factor

When seeking to optimise processes, PeachGroup does not only look at the process itself, but more than anything at the people within the whole picture. We place great emphasis on change management, and people are the key factor here: any change has a major impact on the organisation and asks a great deal of employees in terms of adapting to the new situation. For this reason, PeachGroup spends time on the shop floor: we ask employees what problems they are encountering and what their needs are, and feed this into changes that optimise the process. This approach also helps to generate support for the changes among employees: a key aspect. It’s clear that if people feel a personal investment in change, it is more likely to succeed.

SAP software implementeren

Implementing software

The right approach through our software expertise

PeachGroup has in-depth understanding of service and maintenance processes, IT solutions and the ‘people’ factor within the whole. Our expertise and know-how means we are well placed to advise on and implement the right software for your organisation. We also have specialists who can help with the set-up and management of your existing SAP system.

The best SAP solution for your organisation

It is sometimes possible to optimise your processes using a standard SAP solution. However, this is not always the case. PeachGroup is focused on finding the best solution for your organisation and, in consequence, we may opt for a different technology if this is more suitable for your needs.

service- en onderhoudsprocessen

Developing IoT solutions

Major gains and added value for the process

Devices and machines are getting smarter all the time and communicate with one another. The Internet of Things means that over time more and more will become possible. PeachGroup develops IoT solutions utilise the data captured to optimise your service and maintenance processes. As a result, faults can be identified more quickly and maintenance scheduled more effectively, lowering costs and/or increasing availability.


Devices that take their own readings and report issues save a great deal of time and money. PeachConnect immediately alerts you when one of your devices is showing an unusual reading, frequently even before you’ve noticed it yourself. We use PeachConnect to continuously take readings from your equipment. The machines communicate comprehensive sensor data and, based on the data captured, PeachConnect then manages the maintenance process in SAP using a standard interface. In this way, we can effectively resolve or even avoid faults altogether by identifying patterns at any given moment, such as the time it takes before a specific part needs to be replaced again. As a customer, you can choose which notifications you want to receive. The limits/values are easy to set and manage yourself, and enable you to gather data that is relevant for your organisation. PeachGroup will also be delighted to help you to analyse the captured data to improve your maintenance strategy.

We can provide a demo within two days.  

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