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100% focus on improving your service and maintenance processes

We start from your current service and maintenance organisation. Reference points are the employees, the business processes that are in place and the goals you want to achieve. We analyse the potential, consider where the opportunities lie and what could be the pitfalls. We translate this into an action plan including the requirements on IT. We implement the plan using SAP software customised for your organisation and IoT solutions developed by us. This ensures that your processes and your people are leading and not the software solution, all with the aim of making your organisation futureproof.

Our vision for service and maintenance

Service and maintenance still takes too little priority in organisations. However, this is poor economy, since service and maintenance involves significant costs, and offers the potential to achieve large-scale efficiency savings as well as additional turnover. PeachGroup aims to give service and maintenance the prominent position in your organisation it deserves: as a way to boost customer satisfaction such that it becomes more than just a cost item.

Your Sales department will form a variety of agreements with customers, from agreements about installations with and without maintenance, simple rates or complex full-service contracts, standard or extended guarantees, to agreements about special rates for shut downs occurring outside office hours.
Maintenance managers and MRO stock managers are increasingly encountering the apparent dichotomy to increase service levels and save costs at the same time. A dilemma that can be resolved with an in-depth analysis of the spare parts requirement, stock-holding and related costs, order times and internal processes.
Logging and handling of fault reports and regular maintenance is a continual balancing act between the need to provide a good service to the customer on the one hand and the availability of capacity and parts on the other. To be able to make the right decisions, clarity about the object being maintained and the location is required.
Where are your engineers when a machine unexpectedly breaks down? Which engineer has the right skills and can be on site first? How long should an engineer work on a specific solution? The answers to these questions provide a way into effectively streamlining your maintenance and service processes.