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Work order management

Implementing the maintenance strategy

Where are your engineers when a machine unexpectedly breaks down? Which engineer has the right skills and can be on site first? How long should an engineer work on a specific solution? The answers to these questions provide a way into effectively streamlining your maintenance and service processes. In practice, you will only know these things if the engineer sees the benefit of and co-operates in providing this information. This information will not only tell you where engineers are, but also for example how long a specific type of maintenance takes. Only then will you be able to plan properly and make and keep to agreements with the customer.

There may be some resistance from employees towards providing this information, with questions asked about privacy, independence and freedom in one’s work. Also, problems with acceptance may arise as a consequence. The solution here is to involve your engineers in the required changes as early as possible so that understanding of the benefit of providing this information is created along with support for the process. And not least, in order to make the procedure for sending information as easy as possible.

Our approach to work order management

Process optimisation

Central to the approach at PeachGroup is mapping your processes. The user experience is an essential aspect of this: if your engineers understand the purpose behind a particular procedure and know that it will not demand a lot of them, it becomes a less daunting prospect in reality and resistance evaporates.
PeachGroup explains the reason for and importance of the procedures to your engineers. We let them know that their input provides vital information and the insight needed to effectively streamline your business processes. For example, information about when and how long an engineer was occupied with a job is of key importance for planning. Information about consumption of materials gives input to enable spare parts management to be improved.

Software for work order management

PeachGroup uses several software modules for work order management: SAP CS, SAP PM, SAP MRS, Click and Mobile X. These modules allow activities for service and maintenance to be scheduled and implemented. These systems can also be used to manage all the required information. It is also possible to co-ordinate all your maintenance and service processes and build in flexibility. See here the software modules we have expertise in.

Results of using work order management in practice

For a customer, PeachGroup made the procedures to be carried out by the engineers as simple as possible. A simple procedure like pressing the ‘Arrived at destination’ button made it accessible and with that lowered resistance. Its simplicity also means that fewer mistakes are made. Straightforward procedures are also cheaper since less is required of the support system in terms of complexity, again saving on costs.