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Sales & service management

Your contract, service and invoice 100% correct

Your Sales department will form a variety of agreements with customers, from agreements about installations with and without maintenance, simple rates or complex full-service contracts, standard or extended guarantees, to agreements about special rates for break downs occurring outside office hours. If these agreements are not set up correctly and uniformly, problems are almost certainly going to arise in their fulfilment and invoicing. Invoicing is likely to be time-consuming and prone to errors since each invoice must be compared against previous invoices, the budget and the original quotation. This all brings additional costs, ties up capacity and results in dissatisfied customers. All this, while your aim is to give the customer individual service.

It is apparent that entering agreements in the system forms a major challenge. It is not always possible to record all the information and systems do not have the required flexibility when it comes to customised packages. Having a good contract system results in efficiency and significantly reduces the rate of errors. You have clear visibility into your service agreements and maintenance work can be invoiced automatically. The only part you need to do manually is adding the exceptional services.

Our approach to sales & service management

Central to the approach at PeachGroup is mapping your processes. We understand how the different aspects of contract models, warranty agreements, and the implementation and reporting of maintenance work together. PeachGroup has the right expertise to help you choose the right contract form: the model or combination of models that applies best to your organisation. We can then translate this into cohesive processes and software. There may be occasions when work is done or parts need to be replaced outside the framework of the contract, for example the customer needs more materials or labour hours than are covered by the contract. PeachGroup will set up your system so that these variations to your contract are automatically and correctly invoiced. In this way, you can streamline your service, invoice and the contract.

Direct benefits:

  • fewer errors
  • faster invoicing
  • visibility into price agreements
  • visibility into logged and agreed hours
  • time savings

Software for sales & service management

For sales & service management, PeachGroup in SAP uses the modules SD (Sales & Distribution) and CS (Customer Service). With these modules, service and maintenance regarding the leased or sold appliances can be planned and reported as complete. The contract, in which the service agreements have been documented, decides during the invoicing of independent work assignments what will and won’t be charged. This way, the contract, the implementation and the invoicing form a streamlined chain.

Our results with sales & service management in practice

For one of our clients, we realised the following solution that limited the number of manual actions to a minimum:

  • The prices for the services to be provided and the applicable discounts are documented in the contract.
  • When creating a notification, the system decides whether there is a valid service contract.
  • The details of the contract are immediately available in the notification.
  • The costs of the hours spent and used materials immediately become visible in the contract.
  • The technical conclusion of the work order is the signal for the invoicing.
  • When invoicing, the prices and discounts from the contract are automatically suggested for the provided services.
  • The prices and discounts can be changed when it has been reported during the implementation of the service that a manual check or verification is needed.
  • When no indication for a manual check or verification is given, the invoices will be made automatically at the end of the day.