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The best IT solution for your organisation

The best IT solution for your organisation

It is perfectly possible to implement maintenance and service processes using standard software and best practice. However, this may not always be the best solution. PeachGroup is focused on finding the best solution for your organisation and other technology may be chosen if it is more suited to your needs. As a SAP specialist, PeachGroup ensures that any customised software solution connects seamlessly to your organisation and processes, and answers your wishes and requirements. We are experts in all the ins and outs of the following packages and SAP modules:

SAP EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)

SAP EAM lets you efficiently manage the entire lifecycle of assets. PeachGroup focuses specifically on the logistics side and, as such, we have expertise in the following modules.

SAP CS (Customer Service)

SAP CS lets you manage the maintenance of machines and equipment used by your customers and other external parties. Elements can also be found in SAP CS or SAP PM, SD and MM. All maintenance processes from the SAP PM module can be formulated, with procurement and sales also playing a role. This might include purchase orders, invoicing and contract management. You can deploy SAP CS for sales & service management and work order management.

SAP PM (Plant Maintenance)

SAP PM lets you manage the maintenance of your machines and equipment, both corrective (resolving faults) and preventive (preventing faults) by performing maintenance in a timely manner. You can deploy SAP PM for work order management, with PeachConnect offering a high degree of added value.

SAP MM (Material Management)

SAP MM gives effective support for the flow of goods in your business: the ordering process, procurement process, stock management, goods receipt and goods dispatch. You can deploy SAP MM for spare parts management.

SAP SD (Sales & Distribution)

SAP SD lets you manage information about goods, pricing and customers. You can deploy SAP SD for sales & service management, intake & dispatch management, work order management and spare parts management.

SAP PS (Project System)

We use SAP PS to track the lifecycle of assets. By defining projects you can efficiently plan and manage people, sources and costs. You can deploy this module for sales & service managementintake & dispatch management, work order management and spare parts management.

SAP MRS (Multi Resource Scheduling)

We can deploy SAP MRS to optimise and automate planning processes. It means you can always get the right staff member to the right location at the right time and with the right materials. We deploy SAP MRS for intake & dispatch management.

Mobile X

Alongside the SAP modules, PeachGroup also uses Mobile X that can be used to optimise and automate planning processes in the same way as SAP MRS. However, with Mobile X these planning processes are also supported by mobile devices. PeachGroup deploys this module for intake & dispatch management en work order management. MObileX also provides a mobile solution that interacts with SAP. We use MobileX for work order management.