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JDE Proffessional

JDE Proffessional

The Professional division of JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS (JDE) delivers, installs and maintains coffee solutions in various market segments, such as offices, heath & care, hotels, bars and restaurants.

For JDE’s Professional businesses in Czechia, Denmark and Sweden JDE had an urgent need to replace various outdated local systems by moving these business to a new and harmonized solution in a short period of time, while minimizing implementation- and running cost.

PeachGroup met that challenge by successfully implementing a transparent and very robust solution for JDE, based on SAP CS and SAP SD, to support the processes covering equipment sales, delivery and installation, planned maintenance, service call logging, service work order management and billing, contract management, lease accounting and equipment returns.

Other features that were implemented include variant configurator, full integration with TomTom Webfleet and Adobe Interactive forms to support day-to-day service operations.

PeachGroup was able to deliver a working prototype already after a couple of months, taking an agile approach in delivering the solution, where business key users and other stakeholders were heavily involved.

PeachGroup also took care of the project management, training, knowledge transfer after the implementation and delivered excellent documentation.

In the two years of its usage the solution has proven to be very stable and low in maintenance.

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