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Visitersblog DSAG-Jahreskongress 2019

Visitersblog DSAG-Jahreskongress 2019

Our CEO Ruud Kockelkorn was present at the DSAG yearly congress to attend the sessions of the focusgroup Maintenance and Service. PeachGroup has been a member for several years now. The agenda was even more interesting this time as SAP would be making a statement on the future of the customer service-module in SAP.  As you might know the modules support will stop in 2025. However further on in the article more on this topic.





The first presentation  focussed on the newest release of the SAP Workmanager 4.0. Andraes Kraft gave an update on the changes in the current release. Unfortunately Workmanager stays a tool with strong focus on maintenance processes and less on the service processes. This is why for the support of service engineers we recommend the software of our partner mobileX.

The changes in the current release were rather small however good use in practice. So were hyperlinks now easily reconisable, a link with the Asset Intelligence Network has been made and it is possible to create a notification directly from the functional location.


Maintenance processes within Fiori / Revisions


SAP has a focus to support all core processes with fiori apps. Within the maintenance module this is already the case for the most common processes (corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance. You can drill down top down to the lowest process level. This means a huge step forward in user experience.

Furthermore a number of KPI’s is shown in the standard. An app to insert third party hours was realised within Fiori on customer request. It makes it possible to book directly from Excel.

Sap now offers the possibilty to combine work in the form of revisions (mini turn around) and to plan them in bulk. This all to use free productionhours as usefull as possible. It is also possible to plan standard work automated using various parameters.


Masschange on service- and maintenancedocuments


On a large number of transactions it is now possible to enhance the mass change function.  For example the IW37N and the IW28. If you want to know more please contact Ruud.



Future of Customer Services


As you might wel know SAP stops the support of the CS-module in SAP S4/Hana in 2025. A solution for the Future the CM-module was introduced. However the CM-module does only cover a small amount of the functionality in the Customer Service-module. Furthermore there was na migration strategy from customer service to CM. Due to an intensive lobby of the user community SAP has now reported they will come with a solution. There will be a new service core and the integration with the PM-module will be kept. This is a huge step certainly for our Utilities customer base. PeachGroup has been invited to discuss the solution on a work session in Walldorf. Want to stay up date on the results? Make sure to contact us.