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Kick Off World Class Maintenance Zuid

On Wednesday March 28, PeachGroup attended the kickoff of the World Class Maintenance Zuid, which was held at the Mecc in Maastricht. Being a member of the Employers’ Association Limburg and partner in maintenance and service processes, it was a must for PeachGroup to be present.

During the kickoff, eight challenging topics were discussed:


  • In 2025 at the latest, confined spaces no longer require to be trod by people.
  • In the 5 years to come, wearables will increase the employability of people working in the industrial sector by 2.5 years.
  • By advanced digitization, entering installations in operation will become an exception after 2025.
  • In the next 3 years, a RBI-system for external degradation by corrosion under insulation (CUI) will be developed, reducing the damage done within 5 – 10 years by CUI for more than 50%.
  • The development of outsourcing, based on asset management, could lead to short-term cost reduction in the region.
  • The implementation of condition-based maintenance instead of periodical maintenance could yield substantial cost-reduction in maintenance as a whole. Regional exchanges in practices could cause a breakthrough in this area.
  • Finding a better connection between education and business will provide a win-win situation within a time span of 4 years.
  • Implementing 3D Engineering and 3D Reality (the digital twin) in relatively outdated installations of the regional industry will prove essential in meeting the requirements of time.


Managing director Ruud Kockelkorn: Topics like digitization, outsourcing of asset management  and condition-based maintenance are discussed with customers on a daily basis. We’re looking forward to playing an active role in this network.