Yara is the world’s largest producer of ammonia, nitrates and NPK’s (Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) providing the foundation of Yara’s fertilizer and industrial solutions.

Regarding to the main drivers of their production facilities – operational efficiency, clean technologies and safe and reliable production – Yara requested a Proof of Concept (POC).

The main driver behind the POC is to be able to compare critical equipment information (cost, availability, reliability) with industry peers and draw conclusions based on this information. Our Senior EAM expert advised about the feasibility of a possible connection between Meridium Asset Answers and the Yara ERP production system.

To be able to extract the data out of Yara’s ERP system, Meridium worked closely with our consultant to manage memory, connection and authorization limitations. The extraction was successfully executed with a custom-made Java program, created with support of our consultant.

With the setup and analysis provided in the POC, Yara could:

  • Draw conclusions on the added value of Asset Answers in relation to their cost, availability and reliability production and maintenance strategies.
  • Have a good insight how their EAM processes are structured in relation to the information model Meridium provided. Meridium’s information model is based on industry standard best practices.
  • Make a final decision whether to continue with Asset Answers.
Alternative cases

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