Infrax takes care of the infrastructure of electricity, natural gas, sewerage and cable TV in parts of the Netherlands and Belgium. As a multi-utility service company, Infrax has a lot of network objects and connections that need to be managed.

Since the company decided to outsource their Material Management Supply Chain Processes, communication with the new Logistic Service Provider (LSP) had to be set up. In addition, Infrax wanted to increase their customer satisfaction with shorter delivery times and lower their high levels of stock to safe costs.

To reach these goals, our Senior EAM expert implemented SAP at Infrax and the LSP. Communication with the LSP was realized by setting up a decentralized warehouse scenario which uses IDOCS as the communication container and XML as the middleware translator. PeachGroup also implemented a material planning process for all relevant work orders in the ERP of Infrax. This process includes:

  • vendor processing and delivery time;
  • LSP processing and delivery time, and;
  • internal technician / external contractor processing and delivery time.

With the new logistic supply chain concept and the implementation of the planning component in their ERP system, Infrax ensured centralization of their material management supply chain and storage. Also, they could keep lower stock levels with an even shorter time to delivery. This led to lower costs and higher customer satisfaction.

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